How is 80+ Gigabyte PSU ? Anyone has experience with Gigabyte PSU ?

How is 80+ Gigabyte PSU compares with other good 80+ PSUs under 100$ ?

Gigabyte is a leading mobo manufacturer, but when it comes to the PSU market - I'm not so sure :??:

I did find Gigabyte's PSU listed on energypac 80+ listing, should that be enough for a good PSU to go with OC ?

Any more info would be a real help, thanks.
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  1. depends on the model half are good and the other half are meh
  2. ^+1 Odin Superb and Odin suck.
    Odin Plus and up are good.
  3. It's Gigabyte Superb 720W Crossfire/SLI ready
    It's has a 80+ rating and it cost just under 100$
    it had Japan made capacitors like it's mobo's

    I am already running Sapphire 6870 Toxic a factory OC card with my overclock at just over 1GHz with 9% over stock voltage.

    This PSU has 2 8-Pin PCIe connectors [6+2] and my current GPU needs 2 6-pin to run : (

    My oc Gpu is performing better then i expected; frame rates are fantastic with the new Crysis 2 hardcore gpu settings over 80 fps at 1080p but i'm not so sure my psu can handle a real sandy bridge OC, please Help : (

    P.S. All the sata Power ports are busy with my RAID 5 config + 4 fans + 2 optical drive Blu-Ray n DVD RW

    I have a Thermaltake Frio cooler n Armor A60 Case
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