No video signal with new graphics card

I just changed the psu of my compaq presario sr1625nx, to 500watts-works great. I then put in a sapphire radeon hd5670 128-bit, ddr5, pci express 2.0 x16. No video signal, I don't even think the motherboard sees it. Removed card, everything works. Thoughts?
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  1. Quote:
    return card for replacement, it's defective.
    it's been happening a lot lately from reading posts..

    Thanks for your input. Is there any way to check the card first?
  2. Thanks!
  3. some newb things but

    1) did you make sure to plug the monitor directly into the GPU? (if so did u try both slots if it has dual output)

    2) did you make sure you connected the appropriate PCI-E (prob 6 pin) adapter to your Graphics card to give it power

    if both of those dont work then cards prob faulty
  4. also what PCI-E slot are you putting it in? it needs to be a PCI-E slot prob even 2.0 (they are usually long)
  5. mal u cant read please tell me where 2.0 has been discussed at all all u said was try it in another unit....

    he had a compaq listed so it coulda been a million issues
  6. he may have multiple PCI 2.0 slots 1 can be damaged on his mobo
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