No Monitor input detected with homebuilt pc

i just finished putting my first system together, everything acts like its supposed to, cpu fan spins, hard drive makes noises, and the gpu fan spins.

except when i plug it into my monitor, it says "no input detected" and goes into stand-by mode.

my system:

asus m4a79 deluxe motherboard
4 gigs of ram
amd althlon 2 x4 640
hd radeon 5770
460 watt power supply

i have read the sticky forum about this and i did forget #2 where i had to plug in the smaller power supply [8-pin, although i only have 4] nothing works. i tried moving the graphics card to diffrent slots and still nothing, the monitor work on my mom's laptop. but it might be the dvi to vga converter? which is irrelevent with my moms computer[no dvi] and some people said it might be the PSU, so i discconected the hard drive and HDD and the case fans.

i have almost no money left, so i cant really go out buying new things just to see if they work, and i have no other computer parts.

i would love some help

went to radio shack, got a new converter and it still doesnt work. any ideas? cause im quite clueless
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  1. no one?
  2. ok i found out, while trying to return the cpu, that some of the pins were bent. when i realized that i could not go buy another, i googled how to fix bent pins. i then decided to go at it, after an hour on one pin [all of them were severly bent] it broke, i called it quits and found the pin. i am going to the local jewlers tommorow. maybe i should have raised the z.i.f. lever fist? :non: oh well.

    *sarcasm* oh and thanks for all the replys and help, im sure glad i didnt have to do this alone!! :pfff:

    im mainly keeping this alive for trouble shooters like me. CHECK EVERYTHING! especially before your goof-ball self trys to return it to frys :pt1cable:
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