Is h61 and h67 board gud for gaming

hey guyz plz help me in diz...wanna knw if h61 and h67 gud for gaming
here r my pc spec's
intel i5 2500k
8gb corsair ram
CM 500
GPU 5770 1gb
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  1. If you want to overclock, get a p67 motherboard since your "k" series has an unlocked multiplier. Asrock, msi, and biostar are a little less expensive and work well. I use biostar.
  2. m thinking of upgrading it to p67 or z68 next year bt now i wanna knw frm d abov mentioned boards which one iz better for rich gaming experience
  3. I have an H67 motherboard with GTX 570. Gaming is superb as long as you have a nice graphics card.

    You can't overclock aside from extending the cpu multiplier to four.
  4. one more thing i live in india p67 n z68 r pretty expensive here
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