NVIDIA 3D Vision and the ps3

Hello there,

i have scowerd the net all evening and i cant find a straight answer for my question.
Is there any way possable, that i can run my ps3 through my samsung syncmaster 2233 and view 3d using Nvidia's 3d vision glasses? i have heard different things like using a hdmi 1.4 to dvi but will this work?
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  1. If not, is there any pc monitor out there that will support both nvidia 3d vision and 3d from the ps3
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  3. Have you looked at this?


    I don't know by experience, but it makes sense that it'll work with the setup the OP is describing in that thread.

    And don't bump your threads.
  4. NVIDIA 3d vision is a totally different tech then what the PS3 uses. Your PS3 should be able to do 3d on its own, without haveing to go through a PC.

    Hence why I'm staying away from 3d: Get a consistent standard that works on all displays first...
  5. sorry for bump,

    Im not trying to run the ps3 through my pc, not sure where you got that from, i am trying to find out whether i can run my ps3 in 3d through this monitor
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