Can this PC max out CRYSIS??

Graphic card : ATI Radeon HD
Processor : AMD Athlon
II X3 440 Processor 3.00 GHz, Triple core

Ram Memory : 4.00 Gb DDR 3

Resolution Level: 1280×720

How good will this PC run Crysis warhead? At what FPS or at what settings?
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  1. click this, run the app,
    personally I think your card is your weak point there, but you should be able to play it at 'good' I have a x3 435 4gb ram, 5770 card and it says I would get good results so with a card upgrade you should be laughing.
  2. +1^
    5670 can handle Crysis on good setting at a resolution like 1280x1024
  3. wow that's a small screen...
  4. No, that PC can't max out Crysis.

    Crysis is a very poorly optimised game. You will be lucky if you can get it to run smoothly on any setting.

    Your CPU and RAM are ok for Crysis, but you need to change up the GFX card to 5770 or higher to run it nicely at that res.
  5. Ok, guys then have a look at this benchmark and give your openion-,2533.html
  6. It says it can't handle medium/low settings at 1920 x 1200 and just about can at 1680 x 1050. So low medium settings at 1680 is along way from maxing it out. You may get medium settings at your low resolution but to max it out you need an overclocked 955 and a 6970 minimum.
  7. can i run it on high settings at 1280*1024 with 5670?
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