Amd fx my computer crashes

Hello, I got a brand new AMD FX 6 core machine with asus mobo, but I constantly get a crash when playing Flash plugin in browser (for my kids learning programs). I get the blue screen of death - its really annoying. MAchine is table otherwise, and it only appears to happen when loading Adobe Flash as part of web page. I just recently installed Flash 11, so I have the latest version. Is there some sort of incompatibility ?
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  1. there is nothing about incompatibility change you OS.
  2. Hey man,

    I'm running FX as well, only get BSOD's during those Black listed steam games.

    Flash and all other utilities run just fine-
    Working on Win 7 64bit.

    I havn't had BSOD's at any other time, just like you mentioned that other areas are stable.

    So I wish you luck dude.
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