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i am building my new rig and i want to use my antec 650w neopower modular psu that i have.but is it enough??

asus crosshair iv formula
amd phenom ii x6 1100t
corsair h70
ati 5870
4 gigs of ram
creative x-fi xtreme gamer soundcard fatal1ty (already have on my old pc"dont know if i need this on this mobo")

1 velociraptor -140gb
1 wd 1tb

1 blue ray player
1 dvd rw
win 7 home premium

"i will try to oveclock"
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    WHAT SHOULD I GET 1090T OR 1100T ???
  2. Well for a first over from another beginner, most of what I've been going over seems to say that unless you plan to sli or CF, you don't need more than the 650W you have. I don't know about the soundcard or the cpu, but I can suggest comparing the 2 cpu's in the comparison charts on this site (That's how I've made my processor choice).

    Lastly, try to cut down on the caps, there's no need to shout.
  3. Thanks for help i am not going to crossfire yet. Sry if i made you think that :) i am a new on forums, good to know for future .
  4. Agree with John:
    A good 650 watt PSU will handle any single CPU and any video card with a single GPU - even with overclocking.
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