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I have a WD My Book World Edition II network attached storage (NAS) device. I am travelling currently and connect to the internet with my hotel's wireless network connection. My NAS device cannot connect directly to a computer, but must be connected to a network. Is there a way I can do so using the wireless network for my PC and using ICS through the ethernet port on my laptop?

To ask it a different way, how can I get the ethernet port on my laptop to act as a router or LAN port so I can access my NAS?
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  1. To answer your post, check out WD My Book World Edition's User Guide TROUBLESHOOTING - 134(on Page 134)

    "My router has failed or is not available. How do I access my data in the device?"

    Do the following: 1. Connect the device directly to the computer's Ethernet port.
    2. Launch WD Discovery Tool and see “Mapping a Network Drive” on page 47 for instructions on how to access data in the device.
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