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Asus 5850 versions..

Ok on there are 2 versions of the Asus 5850 card on the site..One is factory OC and the other isn't..I have never overclocked anything before but apparently they supply you with the hardware to do it yourself..

So my question is..

It's redundant to buy a factory OC card over the regular card if you can just do it yourself isn't it? I could get the card that's $20 bucks cheaper and OC it myself with the easy to use software instead of springing for the factory OC one correct?

The 2 cards in question:
The factory OC card

And the factory standard card
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    I would go for the factory standard card, it's $40 cheaper with a $20 MIR right now and $40>40 mhz for sure.
    It's also not a huge jump in performance from the reference clocks, about 5% faster:
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