Photoshop and gaming system - need budget and over all opnion

I'm looking to buy budget Photoshop CS5 workstation with gaming capabilities.

I newbie to hardware, and this the first rig I'm trying to put together.
I used this article and the forum to to choose these parts:
Without win 7, case, PSU, and ODD my budget is around 650$
Just a quick preliminary system from newegg I put together:

CPU:AMD Athlon X4 3Ghz 100$
Memory: 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 100$
Boot Drive:SSD boot drive 130$
Storage Drive:1T Storage Drive 90$
Video Card:Nvidia GeForce 9800 115$
Mother Board:AMD Motherboard 100$
Over all 635$

I'm wondering if these components have any compatibility issues?
would you buy something else in this budget for my purpose?
or what would you change and why?

Thank you!
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  1. I like everything except your choice of video card. I've used the 9800gt and it's a wonderful card it will work very well for you needs but it's no longer a good value at that price. It is now 3 generations old. It would be better if you found it on ebay for 50$ I suggest either an nvidia gts 450 100-115$ or an at 5750 or even a 5770 here are some sample I pulled from new egg.|14-130-572^14-130-572-TS%2C14-161-309^14-161-309-TS

    Both video cards will give at least double the performance of the 9800gt at the same price. And both are direct X 11 which is now the current standard for new release games. And both are lower power consumption compared to the 9800gt which will allow you to go a little easier on the PSU.

    also that's alot of motherboard. Thats a spot where you can cut some money out if your over budget. Gigabyte has some quality boards in the 50$ range with very similar specs.
  2. Agreed. The motherboard is a good value, but do you really need all the bells and whistles, and definitely for gaming you can do better than the 9800. Go for the 450 for mild-mid gaming and Photoshop use.
  3. Thank you!

    I can save money by getting somthing like: MSI 870A-G54 or GIGABYTE GA-770T

    And get the GTX 460, And stay in the budget. Do you think its worth it?
    Or GTS 450 will be sufficient enough?
  4. GTX460....! Very solid card for the $150-$170 they command...
  5. Personaly I prefer the gigabyte boards. Had very good luck with them and have found that that their bios and over performance seems to be better than equivilant boards. Though that is just my impression and opinion from my experiance.

    Absolutly the gtx 460 is 5 times the card of the gts 450. It will make the most difference in you gaming.
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