RAM issues with Intel Board

I own an Intel DP55KG Extreme series Motherboard. However i am having some issues with the RAM

I have 2x 2gb sticks of the Kingston - KVR1333D3N9/2G of RAM rated at 1.5v. For quite a while now (1 year +) , i have been running them in Slots 3 & 4. Just today i wanted to run them in dual channel mode which is the 2 blue slots (Channel A & B , DIMM 0) however i get an Error 21 on the mobo and it beeps 3 times and boots up again. I tried running the 2 sticks of RAM in Slots 1 & 2 but i get the beep errors ( 21 error). I then tried the same sticks in 2 black slots (Channel A & B , DIMM 1 channel) shows the same 21 error and beeps thrice. But it works perfectly in slots 3 (blue) and 4 (black) ( Channel B , DIMM1 and Channel B DIMM 0) but doesn't boot up in slots 1 and 2 ( which is Blue ; Channel A DIMM 0 and Black ; Channel A DIMM 1)

i wonder what is actually wrong.. can someone give me an insight on this? and what i am doing wrong?

any help would be appreciated ):

also i ran a memtest86+ on both the RAMs in slots 3 (blue) and 4 (black) ( Channel B , DIMM1 and Channel B DIMM 0) and it showed no errors
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  1. You don't need to run the ram in dual channel mode; the performance difference is very small. It's also possible the manual has a typo error for the ram slot numbers. If you decide to change ram, check Intel's website for a memory qvl listing. Try cpuz and see what speed your ram. is running in. The speed is listed as half the actual number (667=1333). The speed is more important than dual channel.
  2. My Ram is under the QVL listing.. the question is even if i run the ram in slots 1 and 2 (which is not in dual channel mode). The computer does not boot :/

    I tested it right now again i alternated between slots 1 & 2 it doesn't work and beeps.. 2 and 4 doesn't work (dual channel) , however when i put the ram in slots 1 & 3 (dual channel) , the system boots up but only 2 gigs out of the 4 get recognized

    so i don't know whats wrong. Its either the ram slots or gone bad or i am doing things wrong.

    CPU-Z is showing the DRAM frequency as 800.7 mhz (since i oced my BLCK) .. but my question is , why does only slots 3 & 4 work and not slots 1 & 2 when they aren't even in dual channel mode?
  3. If the ram is on the qvl list, I would email Intel tech support. Could be a board issue.
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