Few crossfire questions

Athlon II X3 450 (4 cores @ 3.6Ghz)
8GB DDR3 1333Mhz
2x Radeon 4850 512MB (one saphire and one palit)
4x 500GB samsung spinpoint f3 (RAID0)
Corsair 650HX
22" Samsung SyncMaster 2232bw
win7x64, catalyst 10.9

1. Catalyst control center wont save my overclocking settings. When i push apply they reset back to defaults. What can I do?

2. If I disable crossfire and re-enable it again, the screen goes black and whatever dvi port is plugged in can never be used again in crossfire mode. I'm running on the last (of 2) dvi ports at the moment and I'd like to reclaim the other one in case this one decides to go down again.

3. avg.13fps on highest @ 1680x1080 on crysis sound about right?
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  1. There is something wrong here with your performance.
    Try each card simultaneously and check your performance in Crysis(or other games).Also check whether you can save your OC settings with one card or not.
  2. thanks for the advice!

    I've managed to pretty much fix all 3 problems.

    1. I found out the 2nd card I bought for crossfire was stopping me from overclocking. I think the previous owner flashed it with an asus bios. Took me a while but I've managed to flash it back to a palit one. Now I guess It's a mater of testing it against my other 4850 to make sure it's performing close.

    2. That problem seems to have sorted itself out when I isntalled the catalyst drivers from the website. Before I downloaded the drivers through steam thinking that it would be the same if it's v10.9.

    3. average 16fps on highest @ 1680x1050. Maybe I need to do a few more bios flashes on the 2nd card before I get the right one but either way i've read crysis doesn't like ati.

    EDIT: yeah 12729 gpu vantage marks. I can live with that :-)
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