Stop 0x000000a5 windows 7 on startup.

stop 0x000000a5 windows 7 on startup. it was working fine untill a few days ago. i now get the error code every time i start up my laptop and i know its not the bios becouse it was working in the past. iv changed the ram but have had no luck. its a packard bell easynote F5280hr 1GB RAM (2x512) iv tryed booting it from the windows 7 cd but the computer just says that the cd is not a bootable cd. iv tryed pressing the F8 key on startup but anything i go into i just keep getting the BSOD can you help me please!?carlsaintjohn[at]
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  1. I would double check that the memory is properly seated and that the latest BIOS revision(s) mention anything about Windows 7 fixes, or support for it.

    Also, check to make sure the laptop is using ACPI in the BIOS.
  2. Flash the BIOS and check the RAM... "It used to work" is the telltale here! IT DON'T WORK NOW is the problem!

    if you have faulty ram its likely to stop half way through and turn your laptop into a brick, test all hardware first (memtest etc), get yourself a copy of UBCD4WIN or Hiren to test the hdd etc

    also if your laptop was designed for Windows XP then chances are 7 and Vista are not supported

    BIOS issues are things that are issues from day one, not months and years later - its NOT the bios
  4. Thanks apache_lives ,, your post was helpful to me .. the problem was in the RAM .. Just changed the slot.

    \Thank you.
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