Boot restart loop and reset after 2 seconds

I've just bought a new motherboard and other parts:
  • Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3
  • 16GB DDR-3 corsair vengence blue
  • i7 2700k

Older parts are 1000w power supply (it was with my alienware pc and im not sure of the model so i cant work out what it is exactly)
Case is a HAF-X
graphics are two GT-240 and a physx card
That's all my specs and the problem is, i've just installed everything, and turned on to have within 2 seconds it turn back off again and then starts again and so on. I've connected everything, pulled the motherboard out, pulled the cpu off and put it back, ram, everything.

I noticed one change, the time it took for the computer to reset after i turned the power on increased, it was about 10 seconds till it restarted. I don't think the computer actually started up though, i don't know. I've pulled the battery out of the motherboard and left it out for 5 minutes, reset it using the onboard button as well to no difference.

I don't really know what else to do other than to get the parts RMAd if that is the right term? well get them replaced anyway, assuming there is a fault with them. I also know that before i replaced the parts the computer was turning on fine, so i dont think it's a power supply problem. I don't think i have connection problems either. Their is no error on the motherboard at the moment, but when the computer was turning on their was a C1 error which i think is ram? The lights on motherboard, there are two lights by the ram and two by the cpu, 1 out of 2 of these is yellow which indicates heavy load or overvoltage (not sure what this means)

Sorry for the long post and i really hope somebody knows how to help has anyadvice (say which part to get a replacement for first rather than all three)

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  1. If you didn't do a fresh install of windows, that would explain everything.
  2. i was planning on doing it after when i started the pc up, any idea what i should do?
    i didn't have the additional 8pin ATX power connected properly, which is now connected i am now getting a C1 error and it stays on for about 25 seconds and then the same thing happens. I'll attempt what you've said about the RAM and a C1 error is, a ram check error so i think that either the ram has a problem or the cpu isn't picking up the ram?
    I'll attempt what you said. Thanks for quick reply.
  3. Just use the windows dvd; it will format your hardrive. It takes awhile to examine your files before it starts loading, so be patient.
  4. but i can't as the pc currently doesnt start up properly? im just getting a c1 error and no startup
  5. Do some troubleshooting. Start by disconnecting the hardrive. Then try each ram stick one at a time in dimm slot one, marked with white id lettering on the board. Then try a spare power supply using just the onboard video without the video cards. One of these may get your system to post. good luck.
  6. This has given me results, i have discovered that one of the slots in the motherboard gives me the c1 error, the one nearest the cooler/cpu with a certain stick of ram in. Though i seem to be getting it randomely with the other sticks at times. This means i can get as far as FF with 1 graphics card in and with the ram in the right places it seems to get that far. No hardrives either. But i cannot get past this FF, i've plugged in a screen and gotten no respond so i can only assume i have a problem with either the cpu or the motherboard? is this the right assumption to make? which should i replace if possible?
  7. any help? need to be quick because of RMA time limits!
  8. Send in the board for rma. It takes 24 hours for the manufacturer to issue an rma number after you apply. Then give them 10 days to receive it; then start inquiring about the return at about 2 weeks. If the replacement board does the same, send in the bad ram sticks. Don't give too many details, just give the most common error code and tell them the board won't finish posting. Gigabyte isn't very good with service. Next time I recommend biostar or msi. Asus is also bad.
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