6850 and 6870 finally here!!

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  1. ct1615 said:
    sweet! a Bart Starr signed football...how did that search combination work? cheese head + ATI 6000 ?

    Message edited :D
  2. nice info, mod... :)
  3. There's a $200 HD5850, and $300 HD5850's. AIBs were a bit late to the party.
  4. waiting for non ref cooling
  5. Prices are not bad, as expected the average difference in price when comparing the 5850 to the 6870 is about 60.00$ give or take depending on model. Now we need some non synthetic benchies to see what the card can achieve. The minimum frame drop was improved, now all we need to find out is what they did in the tessellation dept.
  6. Anyone know to rank them vs the 5000 series according to their name(brand)
    I Know the 6800s beat the 5700s and the 6900s beat the 5800s

    all these are the 5000 series line up.

    Radeon HD 5450
    Radeon HD 5550
    Radeon HD 5570
    Radeon HD 5670
    Radeon HD 5750 got replace by 6850
    Radeon HD 5770 got replace by 6870

    Radeon HD 5830
    Radeon HD 5850
    Radeon HD 5870
    Radeon HD 5870 X2
    Radeon HD 5970
  7. ct1615 said:
    so the 6850 falls below the 5850 in performance and the 6870 does the same with the 5870....did ATI hire a bunch of Nvidia sales guys to name their new cards?


    I guess it necessary since AMD was not able to pull a rabbit out of the hat like we expected.

    The 69xx series should surprise us, but who knows when those cards will be launched (AMD says Q4 around X-mas). Im just happy the 5850 is at a ridiculous cheap price ATM, and with things going they way they are I bet the price will keep dropping. Right now is the best time to upgrade (if needed), I have never seen so much performance at such a low price.
  8. ct1615 said:
    i see one ATI 5850 on newegg at $257 out the door but $200 after rebate, rest are at the normal prices around $250

    the ATI 6850 is $190 out the door

    the GTX 460 is $200 out the door, some are $190 after rebate


    And the 6870 is cheaper than most 5850's so that normally equates to a price drop :D


  9. I think in late november theres going to be a second release with a 69xx series of cards that is pretty much going to blow everything away. My guess would be a 6950 at around 300 dollars and a 6970 for close to 400 bucks.
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