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Can someone advise me which cpu is better if i plan to overclock. I have never done this before but have been reading up. The 1055t will save me money to buy better gpu and i have heard it is quite easily overclocked. However im thinking maybe thats only for people who know what their doing. Should i get 1090t which is even easier. Sorry if this seems a stupid question but im trying to balance budget and would appreciate advice.
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  1. what are your uses, if you are going for gaming you really should just get an i5-760... overall better performance
  2. Not just gaming will be video editing aswell. And am building amd. Just wanted to know wich processor to choose.
  3. If u are OCing i would pick 1055T but have a look at 1075T - seems better clocker/same clock less volts
  4. Ok thankyou batuchka. But as i have never done overclocked before do you think i will be able to. Also the motherboard i was goona get is Asus M4A89GTD PRO. Would that be ok if not was gonna get crosshair iv formula as i heard it easier to overclock. Or is that just overkill.
  5. Both the 1075/1090 will each top out between 3.8-4.0 Ghz (while drawing an additonal 30-50 watts doing so), assuming good memory and MB and good cooling; however, each is still trumped by the assorted i7 quad core-socket 1156 processors, and usually at stock clocks 300-500 Mhz lower. More clock speed helps AMD in perhaps 10% of the assorted gaming/multi-tasking benchmarks, but, were I building a new system today, I would need to acknowledge the 1156 Intel generation usually prevails...
  6. Ok i agree the i7 performs better. However with the 1055t build i save 180£ just on mobo and cpu not to mention another 50 on ram. That gives me 230 roughly to get a better graphics card and other bits. And since this is my first build and have only ever played console games, im wondering if the i7 performance for extra money will really be worth it for me.
  7. Err if just gaming and minor vid edit i wouldn't look at either - something like a 955BE is fine Else bang for buck X6 + CFable for me would be

    1075T + Asrock 870/880G/890GX ATX/SB850
  8. Thanks thats what i was thinking. The only reason i was getting 1055t is that i can get for 130£ tiny bit more than 955. I know the x6 is done by the quad in some games but think the x6 might come in handy as things start to use more cores. Either way i can build a reasonably cheap system around it and have money for good gpu and ssd which im assuming will help. I just worry that i might have trouble overclocking the 1055t.
  9. No worries YMMV but u could pick up finer points of OCing along the way/thru time ^^ You are welocmed
  10. Ok cool thanks. I might be asking you for some help soon if thats ok.
  11. Sure happy shopping/building ^^
  12. Cheers
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