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Connection comes and goes

Last response: in Networking
December 1, 2004 10:55:42 PM

i have a cable modem going right into my computer (no router), and recently my connection has started to just come and go... I will have it for a while, im browsing the internet like normal, and then connection is gone, and all pages go to "cant find page". And it comes and goes in like 10 second intervals. If i ping, i let it go til i sent 210, i received 104, and lost 106!!!

I called up COX communication and they said they can ping my modem just fine, and nothing is wrong on their end... So im wondering what is going on with my computer! I just re-uinstalled windows, used Seek and Destroy to look for ANY spyware/add-ware, and i have norton antivirus on my computer looking for any virus'. Also, i replaced my network card, along with the cords, and also put it into a difforent slot on my Mobo. Still same problems =(...

Any ideas? My freidn suggested a new cable modem, but COX just came out and gave me this one, and my internet DID work GREAT with this modem (up until 4 days ago), so i dont know if it is that...

Id realy appretiate it if you guys had any ideas =) Thanks!!


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December 2, 2004 2:20:11 PM

Is there any way you could get another computer over to test the connection? Any friends w/ laptops?
Is there constant activity on the modem even when you aren't doing anything? That would point to spyware/virus activity.
Are you running any firewall apps or using the windows firewall? If not, use them. If you are, disable them (temporarily for testing).

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December 26, 2004 2:37:48 PM

If you're dropping packets like that, there's something wrong on Cox. Run the test with them on the line, tell them you drop half the packets and something is bad. Most likely a really weak signal between you and the CMTS. Depending on their network access, the Cox agent might be able to query the CMTS and node to find out if they are having any issues (though this isn't guaranteed that they can, or know how to do it).

Despite what Cox says, dropped packets are a bad thing, and should be legitimate cause for a truck roll.

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