help with clean install of xp home

I'm putting together my new pc this afternoon, new hardware and winxp-home.

Can i boot from the CD and have that partition and format the hdd? someone in the forum mentioned that xp-pro could do this, is the home version any different in that respect?

Also, will it give me the choice for ntfs vs. fat32? Any recommendations? i don't know much about ntfs, is it just different cluster size?

i have a single 40gb (IDE) drive, and i'm planning on having an OS partition, and probably 2 or 3 others. I'll do a custom install of windows, and i'm pretty picky about what goes on, but i'm not sure how much space to give it, i figured 2gb would be enough for it. anyone see any problems with that setup? Should I make a dedicated partition for a swap file?

well, i think thats it for now. hopefully none of the components are DOA.
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  1. Yeah...both the Home and Professional version should be able to do this.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">All about NTFS</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">FAT32 vs. NTFS FAQ</A>

    As for the size for it, 2GB isn't enough. The minimum requirements is 1.5GB. After installing Office XP, MS Plus!, and some of my apps (not even all of them yet!), I'm already at 2.63GB!

    I'm glad to hear that you're gonna do a custom install of Windows, but even with the custom install, it's not like an install using 98Lite for Windows 98. What other OSes are you gonna have?

    From what I hear about the swap file, if you have it on a separate partition, it'll make the disk heads move too much. So, just having it in the same partition would be better than a different partition in the same drive. It'd be so much better if you had another HD, so you can make a dedicated partition at the beginning of the hard drive for it (that's how mine is setup), but what can you do...

    As for a recommendation about using NTFS or FAT32, just read that FAQ, and decide for yourself. It's pretty comprehensive, and you should be able to choose intelligently.

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  2. Thanks for the advice. I was only planning on having winXP on the new system, and possibly networking the old system (winME, maybe format, go back to 98). For my use, features of ntfs seem to outweigh not being able to (easily) read it on the older system.

    Since i'll only have one hard drive in the new system for now, i'll keep the swap file on c:, good point about the disk heads moving too much, i didnt think that through =)
  3. Okay...I was just saying dedicate maybe 5GB of HD for WinXP. If you're networking, all your other computer would be able to see you NTFS partition. It's just that if you dualboot, and you boot into Win98, it won't be able to see the NTFS partition. That's all...

    Alright, I hope you're all set. Good Luck!

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