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I'm trying to get my new Asus EEE 1001p connected to my PC (both on Win7 ultimate) over a Bluetooth Personal Area Network. The netbook had built-in bluetooth, and I bought the Sabrent BT-USBT dongle for the PC. After a lot of messing with things (trying windows plug and play, widcomm (which couldn't detect the dongle), and bluesoleil), I finally established a Personal Area Network between my PC and my netbook. Great right? I go to windows explorer on my netbook and connect instantly to all the shared folders. This is easy I thought. When I go to my PC and try to do the same however, the Netbook is not showing up anywhere in the network. When I scan for wireless devices (bluetooth netbook discoverable) I get nothing.

For some reason I can't access my netbook from my PC, but I can access my PC from my netbook. On my netbook, the connection is correctly identified as a Bluetooth Network Connection. My PC however, identifies the network as a "Personal Area Network", under details it correctly describes it as a PAN Network adapter.

I've also tried initiating the network from both my PC and my netbook, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Both times the netbook can access the PC but not vice versa. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

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