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Hello, I just installed a Radeon HD5670 card into my pc. There is no specific audio input, just an HDMI and my old audio inputs stopped working as well as the head phone jack. Any ideas?
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  1. Go into control panel --> Sounds and change the default device back to your on-board/sound card audio device. Installing the HDMI enabled graphics card probably switched it for you.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I just tried that, but in the control panel there is only the default device of the ATI HD rear aduio output for under the heading sound playback. Did maybe installing this card completely over ride the other outputs/erase it?? Could it be something became unplugged on the inside as I installed the new graphics card? Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated :)
  3. Odd...the ATI cards have their own audio output, but they shouldn't cause any conflict with the existing sound drivers...

    You could try re-installing your motherboards audio drivers again, then checking the control panel to see if the output is selectable. Also, check your BIOS to make sure that your onboard audio is enabled.
  4. Try this:

    Power down your system and uninstall the graphics card. If your new graphics card replaced an older ATI card, reinstall that, or use on-board graphics. Power the system back up and check to see if the old sound devices show back up.

    -Wolf sends
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