Enermax Noisetaker II 485w - It should power this rig, right?

Non-modular, 485w Enermax Liberty Noisetaker II PSU. It's been running my Q6600 - ASUS GT460 1 GB - 2 GB RAM build for about 4 months now, no issue.

I am upgading to the following:

Intel 2500K
Asus Mobo (one of the mid level ones, P67-based)
Finally coming out of the dark ages and installing a SATA DVD burner as opposed to IDE
Thermaltake aftermarket PSU cooler

Should I be able to run this rig at 4.2ghz on this power? The amperage on the rails is sufficient for the vid card and as far as I can tell the power consumption on the processor is LESS than my Q6600.

I am fairly certain but I wanted to know if I need to upgrade my PSU. I am just running close on my upgrade cost and didn't want to have to update if I didn't have to.

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    It should work, but you may be keeping that power supply near load for extended time. This is the situation that causes PSUs to fail quicker than normal, it is considered hard use. I realize that your PSU is 80 +, that still doesn't mean it's invincible. I would look into getting a new one in the future, but it's not necessary if you want to save cost.

    CPU watts will be similar or less than q6600 even when OCed.
  2. Thanks Festerovic! I used one of those PSU calculators and it came back at 416 watts for what I had, even overclocked and recommended a 450w supply.

    I understand this is the case, I just am running my current machine on 1 GB of ram because one of my Corsair XMS2 sticks decided to take a you know what on me, so I need to get this build up and running this week.

    In a week or so I will get a solid 700w 80+ Gold Certified modular PSU. I need modular so bad, so I can keep my machine clutter free and cool.

    Thanks for the fast response!!!
  3. While an 80+ gold could only be considered a good idea, it may not be necessary for a build such as yours (single GPU, modest OC). 80+ bronze may save you some cash and offer the same reliability and performance.

    I personally would look for something in the 650-750w range for this rig.
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  5. Thanks again.

    This machine should scream at 4.2ghz with this vid card.

    In a few months I will probably upgrade to one of those new GTX 590's they just leaked.

    Trying to get this machine ready for Crysis 2 in a week! 8D
  6. with that card you will be ready :) Also, you will be ready to heat your home next winter. haha.
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