Abit airpace wifi card - windows 7 driver support??

Hi all,

iv got an abit airpace WLP-01 wifi card, been using it fine on xp32. Just upgraded to win7 64 and cant install the drivers. Iv searched the internet and its a regular problem. The fix ive found tells you that its ''Very simple, this card is actually an atheros chipset card, simply uninstall any abit driver and install the driver for the card manually using Windows 7 default drivers under 'Network Adapters', pick either Atheros AR5006X or AR5006XS.'' well iv tried this and iv not got very far, i selected the driver from the system32 folder and its installed but still has a problem. Anybody no what im doing wrong or if theres another wor around. thanks for the help
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  1. http://download.cnet.com/Atheros-AR5006X-Wireless-Network-Adapter/3000-2112_4-79268.html

    See if this one works -- you may have to Google for the XS version as I did to find the X
  2. thanks for that mate, iv tried the link but you cant download it from cnet, the download button takes you to the Atheros website and from there i cant find the download. Im useless i know, the helps appreciated :)
  3. ok well i found another location to download the atheros drivers but windows 7 is still telling me that windows cannot verify the digital signiture!! Code 52 ahhhhhh. Do you think it will eventually come through windows updates or should i look for a new card!??
  4. Sorry I didn't notice earlier, is the issue likely to be that you are using Win7 64 ? Support is often a bit thin on the ground.
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