Core2DuoE8400 vs Core2QuadQ8200

Well, guys I want to improve my PC buying a new processor,

What is the best? with price/power?

Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8200
(4M Cache, 2.33 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) COST: bolivares 1800

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8400 COST: bolivares 1500
(6M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB),SLB9J

What is the difference?
the core 2 duo have 6 MB cache, it means it have 3MB Cache per core? or it have 6 MB cache per each core? then 12 MB cache?

the quad have 4 MB cache per core then 16MB cache? i want to know please...
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  1. the cache listed is TOTAL for the entire chip ie all the cores. Divide cache by cores for the per core cache amount.

    You say this is to be an upgrade, which chip do you have now? What do you want to do with this computer? Games or ...?
  2. I want it for games only.. so the quad core have 1 MB cache per core?

    Then is better the core2duo?
  3. and my current processor is a Dual core 2.20 GHz model e2200
  4. depending on the games you play the dual core may be faster. As far a long term upgrade, the quad core is likely a better choice. The 8xxx quad core series is poopy though, the chips suck at overclocking. The 9xxx series quads are much better.

    You are actually much much much better served getting a new chip and motherboard. I can't recommend people go and buy a chip that is 2 gens old already for a system, but in your case you are likely upgrading a 2-3 year old machine for the last time. To save money, that approach is OK. Just understand that you will want to upgrade again in a year.

    L2 Cache is not that important to performance, except in some cases. In games two equal chips that have different cache may only be 5-10% different at most with the cache on/off. I think AMD chips avoid L2 cache for the most part, it doesn't hurt their performance.
  5. well, i want to upgrade my processor for now cause it really sucks its a dual core e2200, i want to buy only the processor cause im panning to FULLY Upgrade again in 1-2 years and try to find a I7

    My question NOW is, what is better between those 2? Which one have more cache memory? or both processor are equal?
  6. can you please answer as soon as possible? cause the seller is waiting for my call in less than 20 mins.... i need to choose one
  7. a friend told me that a quad core NOW is unnecesary for me cause the games wont use the 4 cores, and will be the same than the core 2 duo...
  8. actually he is only partially right. The quad core would be better for newer and more demanding games, like starcraft II. Toms actually has an article on how many cores you need for gaming, I can't find it or I would link it. But it is here. It said that mostly a 3 core chip is all that is typically used, but quad core got better results on games that are optimized for more cores.

    Overall, the two chips will give near the same performance on most games, unless the game is optimized. Then the quad core will do better. Also, when you are not gaming, the quad core is better for multitasking. Just my opinion.
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