Show me the list of graphic card for my lenovo laptop with their prices

Hello,i having problem in playing high graphic games in my lenovo laptop because i have no graphic,can you help me to buy a new graphic card for my laptop model no. 2048
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  1. Laptop with very few exception (advertised gaming laptops like Alienware and such) do not have upgradeable graphics cards. Such is the case with your Lenovo.
  2. Nope , you cannot upgrade the GPU on that laptop.
    You will either need to get a new rig and don't go for a Laptop if you want to game on it.... :)
    Even their keyboards aren't meant for gaming forget about the Graphics.
    If you have the money and want to stick to a laptop you really will have to shug out mucho dollar for a gaming laptop and actually in that amount of mullah you can buy a state of the art desktop to game..... on a real badass montior with the 5.1 Surround gaming action.....:)
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