Upgrading, but terrible at choosing parts

I want to upgrade my 3-year old gaming pc but I am completely lost as to how to get the best performance for my budget. I'm keeping my old case, my hard drives and dvd-drives but am replacing everything else. My budget is about $750 CAD.

Here's what I came up with:
Mobo & CPU: MSI P55A-GD55; Intel Core i5 760 Quad Core - 314.99$
RAM: 3x2GB DDR3 OCZ Gold OCZ3G1600LV6GK - $79.99 (after 20$ MIR)
Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 460 1GB - $184.99 (after 20$ MIR)
PSU: Corsair AX850 850W - $179.99
Total comes to 760$
How are these choices? I'm pretty sure I can do much better with the budget I have, so I'm open to any suggestions.

Please keep in mind any new components must be bought from Canadian stores, so I'm afraid I don't have access to US deals.

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  1. You should probably wait for Sandy Bridge (Intel's new CPUs) to be released sometime in January 2011.

    If you can't wait then here are some suggestions...

    - 1156 socket doesn't use triple channel memory (choose a dual set instead)
    - PSU is kind of overkill. Get something 550 - 650w or maybe a bit higher if you plan to SLI.


    CPU & Mobo

    Video Card (you can probably price match at NCIX if they also have the $20 rebate)



    Total: $655.46 --> $595.46 AR
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    You should probably wait for Sandy Bridge (Intel's new CPUs) to be released sometime in January 2011.

    Well I can't really wait for prices to go down, I need to build the computer as quickly as possible.

    PSU is kind of overkill. Get something 550 - 650w or maybe a bit higher if you plan to SLI.

    Agreed. And no, I don't plan on linking video cards in the future.

    As for your choices:

    Can you explain why you went for the Gigabyte mb instead of the MSI one?

    Any reason to go for the video card you selected rather than mine? AS far as I know, the only difference between the two is that the eVGA card is slightly noisier and cheaper, while the MSI one is quieter and cools better and apparently it can be easily overclocked on stock air cooling.

    BTW, I love the RAM choice and am fine with the PSU (especially the savings!)
  3. if your MB is SLI capable, you'd be amazed what sort of framerates a pair of GTX460s can crank out....

    Seems a solid build to me, I'd concur with a pair of 4gb sticks rather than 3 ea. 2GB sticks)
  4. I suppose it would be very powerful but that would put me way over budget.

    I feel that 8GB would be overkill for this system. I think I'll be going with a 2x2Gb kit instead.
  5. if you must purchase now... then yes, 1156 would be your current most powerful option at a ~$750... here's what i would do with that amount:

    - Intel i5-760: $205

    - Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 SATA6 USB3: $140 -> superb overclocker /w latest tech

    - A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB (2x2) DDR3 1600: $55 -> great kit at a great price

    - Corsair 500W PSU: $60 (after mir) -> (Corsair - can't go wrong)

    that's a sub-total of $460... now you have room for a video card 1 tier up at least...

    - XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB: $222.50 (after mir)


    - PowerColor Radeon HD 6870 1GB: $212.40 (after mir)

    so now your sub-total is: ~$675... add shipping ($15) + taxes... you'll be right around your budget

    ** 'karma831' has pretty much the same build (-video card) just not from newegg... **
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