Pc for cs5

pls how can i assemble a good pc for cs5 premiere,latest maya and 3d studio max
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  1. Oh well this was an email suggestion to a client - Adobe Premiere CS5 + Heavy gaming/leveraging on Merury Playback Engine $900ish

    Scythe SCMG-2100 MUGEN-2 Rev.B $29 after promo code

    Edit swap 7200.12 for F3 1TB $59.99

    Actually Icrontic got excellent results X6 + MPE in CS5 Premiere and u dun have to deal with mobos that cost an arm and a leg hehe
    A case for GPU computing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and the Mercury Playback Engine
    This project consists of compressed 640×480 video footage. These small video files were being eaten alive by the massive 1090T hexa-core processor and 8GB of RAM. Premiere Pro CS5′s increased performance with multi-core systems coupled with bleeding fast hardware will make fast work of any simple projects such as this, not giving the GPU enough work to really make a difference. These results do suggest that if you’re editing small-time video footage, you will not benefit much from using Mercury Playback.
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