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9800gt will not work in x16

I have recently purchased an asus A8N-E and then a few days later a nvidia 9800gt, now the card seems to work in the opened ended slot, but it will not work in the top x16 slot, Is this a compatibility issue, is it a motherboard issue, or it is it the card itself?

When i put it in the x16 slot i hear the fan spinning at max speed, but it does not slow down and get to a normal speed, it just keeps going and i get no post no video.

But in the open ended slot it works as it should the card spins at full speed for a few seconds, slows down to a normal speed, then i see post, and windows etc..
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  1. I was also wondering if this could be a power issue, since i have a 350 watt antec psu, that has no pci-e connector(using a 2xmolex to pci-e 8pin)

    This is my first thread on this forum and i would really appreciate someones help.
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    The minimum recommended is a 400w and I've seen issues crop up when trying to SLi with weak 650w PSU's so that could be the problem, it doesn't explain why it works in the x4 slot though unless the x16 slot is faulty of course.
  3. Was afraid it might be the board's slot, well at least i will be able to use the card if i get a newer socket board and cpu. Although i will try getting a psu with the recommended wattage and a pci-e 6pin connector.
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