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I have a Jetway HI05 Intel LGA1156 P55 ATX Motherboard, that i'm thinking about over clocking my cpu on but i read this review about it on this website. I'm not really sure what this means at all. It recommends this mobo shouldn't be used for over clocking. According to jetways website should over clock no problem. Should I over clock a cpu with this mobo?

I want to boost my Intel Core I7 860 QUAD to 3.46GHZ from 2.8GHz

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  1. From quickly scanning the review, although the board came in last or near last, this was only when looking for that last 100-200 MHz of CPU OC, and the BIOS might be a tad more difficult to adjust, however, ...

    the board still did 'well' in Ocing, just not 'stellar', and you might need to up a few more voltages here and there if looking for the 'stellar' OC.....

    You still might be able to squeeze 400-600 more MHz out of it, I'd go for it...

    Running 4 instances of Prime 95 will tell you if it is stable within 20 minutes to an hour.....
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