Audio Crackling/Popping, Realtek drivers

I have crackling/popping noises when listening to anything through my USB headsets. Through the green audio plugin there is constant ringing, I don't use that but it may be related.

BIOS and firmwares have all been updated completely on my Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 (rev. 2.0). I've stumbled upon many threads full of people with the exact same problem with their Gigabyte motherboards with Realtek drivers and Windows 7 x64.

Some people find that it is problems with their latency but I have zero problems come up in DPC Latency Checker. I don't have any throttling programs affecting my processor.

I have tried switching usb ports but that does nothing.

55 page thread full of people with the same problem

Edit: I hear crackling on clean boot.
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  1. I have seen this often where the problem is a bad ground, even for a digital line like USB.

    The question is how to test - The easiest thing would be to eliminate your OS. Download a bootable linux CD, they should all have the realtek drivers. If the problem persists, it is most likely hardware.

    Reply to MDSIU, he said headsets, so... I could be wrong. if its just one, thats the thing to try first.
  2. Likely a bad headset. Try it with another PC.
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