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Hey guys I just recently built my first computer and went with the rosewell destroyer as my case because it came with 3 fans + additional fan locations. Computers running great but the case was cheaply made(yea i prob should have spent more on a better case) with 2 of the fans that it came with not even working. I had replacement fans sent to me for it but its still fairly loud. Now my question is I got a coupon for $10 off anything from tigerdirect. I was thinking I might as well put this toward at least one new fan from their site because it will be dirt cheap then but what fan do you guys think is the loudest on the case? I tried looking at the site for the case and it doesn't give any specs on any of the fans. It sounds like the back fan is the loudest would that be the best one to replace? Any recommendations on good fans that they have on the site from peoples own experience? Thanks alot guys!
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    Cooler Master R4 - red or green
    Cooler Master R4 - Blademaster
    I have a blue led version of the R4 but TD wants $9.99 for it the red and green are exactly the same fan.
    The Black R4 Blademaster is standard issue with the 212+.
    Silverstone 120mm 9-Blade Sleeve Bearing Case Fan
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