Buying hd 5870

Would it be a bad idea getting this card

Seeing as ati are now starting to release the 6000 series or not....

Because i'm selling my xbox 360 (the new one with a ton of stuff) and my hd 5770. So I need to sell them pretty soon to make sure i get enough.

So should i wait, risking the fact the hd 5770 will probably drop in price or sell them right now and buy the hd 5870?

I need a reply ASAP as I want to sell these quickly to get the most cash.

Thanks guys
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  1. At this time honestly the best bet is a GTX470. Its around $250 right now and would be better than a 5870 at the price point its at.
  2. But the thing is i wanna have a bit of future proofing as i don't want to have to buy another card for about 10 months... So would it be a good idea?
  3. I'd say you'd be good with a GTX470 for a year or so.
  4. K then gtx 470 it is then. But which one?

    I did look at the gtx 470 gigabyte SOC but it's out of stock almost everywhere...

    Which one would you reccomend other than that...

    I need a decent warranty and obviously the best perfomance/price ratio


    Oh yeah i'm from the uk just so you know where to look

    OK i had a little look myself and this is the best reccomended card as EVGA are meant to have a v. good warranty and customer service?

    Can somone confirm this?
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