Second graphics card bottleneck?

Here is my current spec:

AMD Six Core 1055t (2.8GHZ)
Noctua D14
4GB DDR3 RAM 1333MHz
GTX 460
750w Corsair PSU

But I want to make some up grades can you tell me if I'm creating a bottleneck here?

AMD Six Core 1055t (Overclocked to 3.2GHZ)
Noctua D14
12GB DDR3 Kingston 1600MHz Ram
2x GTX 460 (SLI)
750w PSU

I do video editing so 12GB is good, quick question if I get 12GB will windows automaticly give Sony Vegas more RAM while rendering?
Will respond to messages in morning, new to find the bed so tired (:

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  1. Are you creating a bottleneck?
    No but if you're overclocking and having an SLI configuration then you're really stressing that PSU, what model/brand is it?

    I see you've already updated your YouTube page. :)

    Thats got all the information, do I need to overclock then?
  3. You won't bottleneck anything with that setup.. it's actually really nice man. maybe get a couple ssd's if you haven't already ;)
  4. Should be nicely balanced. ;)
  5. Don't normally play games. GTA at quite a high res. Mainly for the Cuda cores for editing.
  6. I'm assuming you already have at least 3 storage systems in your pc? 1 OS drive, 1 Data Drive, and 1 work or scratch drive? Having only a single drive would be a big bottleneck for editiing imo.
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