Is this a good build?


Gonna start out by saying that I'm a complete failure when it comes to this kind of stuff. A friend of mine put together this build and said it's good. However I'm still gonna check here to be sure.

(sorry for not being in English)

Basically what I want is a computer that can handle games such as BFBC2 and CODBO on max settings without any problems, maybe even while having fraps on.

So yeah, I'd like to hear some thoughts about the build above, possible improvements etc.

Also I'd like a computer that will last for 3-4 years without having problems with new games. (If this is too much to ask for a computer at around 1000$ then nevermind that, as I said, I really don't know anything about this kind of stuff)
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  1. I would go for a Phenom II 955 or 965 instead of the 1090T, they perform better in gaming and cost significantly less.

    I would also swap the Coolermaster GX 750 for a different unit, it failed two reviews on jonnyguru which is not a good sign. Since you are getting an nVidia card, and your board only supports 16/4 CF, its unlikely you will be running a dual card solution in which case you can get by with a good 550W unit, check the Antec TP-550, Seasonic S12II 520W, Corsair 550VX, also check to see if there is a good deal on one of the 650W XFX units, you can usually get the silver one for pretty cheap over here after rebate but im not sure if that makes it over to europe.

    Swap the Caviar Green out for a caviar black too, the greens are designed for power saving, not for performance, using a Caviar Black instead will cut down on your boot and load times.
  2. If your MB is SLI capable, then a pair of GTX 460s in SLI provides solid gaming perfromance at any res you can set....

    The Intel socket 1156 quad cores (i5 series) frequently stomp even the latest AMD six-core cpus, so I'd not pay too much attention to the seemingly logical mindset of 'AMD 3.4 Ghz must be faster than Intel 3 Ghz'.....they are not.

    Good luck with your build, Sir!
  3. While BC2 does see gains going to X6 i would say for a more game heavy buiild

    955BE or if you are OC-wise 1055T (and apps outside games gain from X6 then worth it)

    That Asus 870 is 16/4 so hit an Asrock 870/880G/890GX

    Hit a HD 6870

    HD6K Barts: single/CF review
  4. Thanks for the fast answers, guys. Having a look around atm, will post here again with another possible build.
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