Asrock p67 ext 4 7.1 audio?

Hi all
I have a mobo asrock p67 ext 4, 7.1 hd sound
Im wondering how can i squeeze the best quality sound out of this board
realtek ALC892 and it says supports THX
Coaxial, optical, or line in maybe ?

Even my GPU EVGA 560 ti has HDMI but I can only get stereo throu that,dont know why yet

I have a 7.1 Onkio

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  1. no one ?
  2. Have you tried feeding the tuner from the optical lead from the card and putting it through your stereo?
  3. Yes , actually that how I have it now, I thought throu hdmi (gpu)) I was going to get better sound, but not, only stereo
  4. The limitation may be the imput on your receiver/amplifier. I know that one of my optical feeds on my tuner, dedicated to video, only reproduces stereo, while the optical feed for audio produces 7.1 sound.

    While there are some works produced in true 7.1, the majority of music is produced in stereo and is translated into 7.1 by circuitry.

    I don't have an answer for you. I'd look at the specs (if you can get them) on the audio production from the GTX 560 ti and compare them to the specs of the Onkio.
  5. i dont have notting to test 7.1 at the moment, i m going to look for a blu ray title with 7.1 sound and see what happens
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