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Built a new system with a Gigabyte X58AUD3R MB, 12 GB of Corsair RAM, Intel i7 950 CPU, Kingston SSD NOW+ 128GB and 2 WD 1 TB SATA Black Caviar drives. I migrated my Pioneer DVD burner (IDE) and my LG BluRay burner (SATA) from my old system. Whenever the BluRay burner is connected to the MB, the system freezes at the post screen. I've updated the MB BIOS and drivers with no effect. I tested this by disconnecting all drives from the MB and it successfully goes to the point of "no OS." Reconnecting the drives individually pinpoints the BluRay. Help!
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  1. Have you tried a different sata cable AND Power cable on the blue ray driver and a different sata port?
  2. thlillyr said:
    Have you tried a different sata cable AND Power cable on the blue ray driver and a different sata port?

    Yes. No go
  3. I have a very similar issue. Two different PC's, One is Vista SP1 and the other is XP SP3. Neither PC would even POST until a BIOS upgrade. Both are using an eVGA 680sli mobo. I suspected the SATA controller at first. Trying to install 2 different LG WH10LS30 blu-ray burners in these PC's. BIOS had been updated to the latest version.

    The XP PC will just completely lockup once the desktop & icons are displayed. Not even a 3-fingered salute or access to Task Manager is available, have to physically power down the PC. The Vista PC seems to visually boot up normally. As soon as I put a blu-ray disk in the drive, the dredded BSOD comes up, IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO_ZERO, error is 0x0000000A. I have also tried using all six of the SATA internal ports on the mobo. For a drive that is advertised as having Windows XP, Vista or 7 to automatically install the needed drivers, this is a real nightmare.

    I have tried a PCI SATA card that has Sil3512 controller but the result is the same. I have ordered a Masscool SATA PCIe card next to try - it has a different Silicon Image SATALink controller chip on it. This is my last try unless I can find another add-in SATA card that might allow the LG drives to let Windows run normally. I would hate to think that it would take a new mobo with a different SATA controller just to install these 2 WH10LS30 Blu-Ray burners. Good luck finding support on these drives. What's a guy have to do to get ONE of the new burners to work at all?
  4. Well, misery loves company
  5. Success ! I used Acronis disk director/truimage to image my IDE drives to SATA hard drives. Then, I only connected the SATA drive with the boot image and the SATA LG blu-ray to the SATA header on the motherboard and disconnected my IDE hard drive and Plextor optical burner.

    Upon the first boot after the hardware changeout, I went into the BIOS setup and disabled IDE0 and IDE1 and rebooted the system into XP Pro SP3. System booted fine. Was able to read CD's, DVD's and a new Avatar blu-ray without any issues. Burning cd/dvd's was no issue either. Once the Blu-Ray re-writeables and BR-R DL's arrive I will test the LG WH10LS30 drive on burning with Nero, Roxio and ImageBurn (IMGBURN) Blu-ray video plays superbly without any issues using Cyberlink PowerDvD that came with the install software disk for the LG drive.

    It appears to be relavent that you want to disable the IDE interfaces when using the SATA only drives. Just for test purposes I enabled the IDE bus on the next boot without ANY drives being connected and sure enough, the old system freeze issue came back. Disabling IDE cleared up my issues with the WH10LS30 blu-ray drive/OS system freeze issue.
  6. Thanks. I'll try that. Then I'll have to replace by DVD burner but that's a lot cheaper than the Blu ray drive.
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