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Syncmaster 226BW and Radeon 5850 will not do 1680x1050

Alright, I just picked up an XFX 5850 to replace my pair of 3870x2's. I had to do a fresh install of W7 so I could reinstall CCC. I went through the usual, unchecked the "hide modes this monitor cannot display" box, then in CCC it lists 1680x1050 (native for the 226BW), but only will let me do it @ 29 or 30hz. If I chose 60hz it defaults back to 1440x900. I've tried older versions of CCC, installing each component separately, installed the latest 226BW .inf file from Samsung, and nothing will let me do it. In the windows displays, it lists it as "Generic Non-pnp monitor), but under device manager it lists it as the Syncmaster 226BW Analog.

Anyone have any ideas? Do I need to run a DVI-I cable to get this resolution with this card? It worked fine on my 3870x2 with VGA.

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  1. Did your monitor come with any drivers? And yes, try with DVI instead.
  2. I did not, I got it used. I did download the installer from Samsung's website. When it run it and install it for analog, it changes from "generic non pnp monitor" in device manager to the correct samsung monitor.

    I unchecked "hide modes this monitor cannot display" and under adapter - list modes it lists 1680x1050, but only at 29 or 30hz.

    It worked fine with my old 3870x2. I've got a DVI cable coming, as I got the wrong one when I bought the card (got a dvi-d instead of dvi-i)
  3. A DVI-D cable should be fine. DVI-I just simply means that it has a digital AND analog interface. But heck, anything is worth a try right now, I guess.
  4. well the cable I had didn't have the 4 pins surrounding the tab, and when it was plugged in the video card didn't see the monitor and the monitor said to check the cable, so I ordered a dvi-d dual link (with the 4 extra pins), will post up once I get it and try it!
  5. well I got the DVI-I cable in, and the monitor doesn't take DVI-I, only DVI-D. I tried a second DVI-D cable, the computer doesn't even see the monitor at all. Needless to say, these monitors suck. I'm throwing this in the trash and going back to my 17" square monitor @ 1280x1024. F U Samsung!
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    Yikes. Syncmasters are actually well-built monitors. Perhaps you have a defective one? Any warranty on that monitor?
  7. nah, it's 3+ years old and I got it used. I tried the newest drivers, etc, but nothing. I did manage to get it to work once though, between all the uninstalling/reinstalling, swapping cables, etc. I got it to display 1680x1050 @60hz, then I went to play a game, and Steam wasn't working so I rebooted....and now I'm back to square one again lol. wally world has a 23" 1080 HP for under $200. I'll unload this turd and pick up that one
  8. actually skolpo from what I've been reading online the 226BW in general was a POS unless you were lucky enough to get the "S" panel (like all the reviewers did). Then they couldn't keep up with demand, so they outsourced and ended up with the "A" panel, then eventually the "C" (for CHINESE) panel which is the worst of them all
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