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Hello Everyone!

I currently have two Cooler Master R4 fans as the intake fans in the front of my computer. Because I do not have a fan controller and simply have the fans plugged into the power supply, they are always on full blast. While that is great for air flow, I am getting annoyed at the amount of sound my computer makes. And so, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of good silent fans at max power. I do need a an acceptable amount of airflow since I do have my i7 930 at an overclock to 3.7. I heard the scythe gentle typhoon and scythe slipstreams were good and read on bit-tech.net that the sharkoon silent eagle are good as well. Unfortunately, I didn't seem to be able to find any site that would sell these at a reasonable price. Finally, I have looked at silentpc but found that their recommended fans section seems a little bit outdated as it was last updated in 2007...unless I am looking in the wrong place on the website. Anyways, I am open to all suggestions and would be very appreciative if any one could help.

Also forgot to mention that I also saw Yate Loons, Thermalright TR-FDB, and Nexus Basic had some good reviews. Anyways, thanks again for the help.
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  1. would it not be cheaper to get a fan controller.
  2. Here's a recent review of some fans.
    The last 3 fans you mention are well-known high quality fans i have no problem recommending.
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