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i just booted up my computer after being without it nearly a year. bios battery was flat so plugged in ps2 keyboard got that all sorted.. put everything back how i had it. booted fine, runs great... except NO USB!!!!!!! none of the ports work.. but they still get power because the led light on my mouse works.. but no usb devices work :S gaah help lol
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  1. I would check windows device manager for conflicts. Uninstall any device with a mark next to it and reboot. If you don't have windows 7, have your original motherboard driver cd handy or download the usb driver ahead of time. If the usb still doesn't work, have windows search for updates and install them.
  2. You can also check the BIOS to make sure your USB Controller is enabled.
  3. yes my usb controller is enabled. im using 7 and it still can't find the drivers... ah well ill figure something out lol
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