Its that time of year again....

Hello everyone..I am doing my yearly comp. build looking for expert advice I am reusing my DVD drive, Power Supply, HDD, OS, HSF, and Case. Also, I already have an ASUS M4A785TD-EVO, I will be gaming on this machine. I would like advice on which CPU,GPU, and SSD to use I have a budget of around $800.00 USD
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    SSDs eat a tremendous amount of available budget (simply to reduce application load times by 10% is not worth $200-$300 to me) that would be better spent on cpu and a pair of Radeon xxxx in Crossfire...

    I'd recommend skipping the 6 core, opting for a Phenom II/945 quad core, and as much Crossfire capable single card as you can afford now if planning in gaming at at least 1080P res...

    If you can afford the 6 core, and two Radeons, great, but the Radeons in Crossfire should take priority, even if can only afford one today. (6 core cpus do no better at gaming than quad cores)
  2. I don't believe I have a big enough PSU to support crossfire on ATI 5XXX cards....I was just looking at the X4 970BE is this a good processor or would the 965BE be the better choice as the 970 I feel may be overkill...I would like to reach 4.0 GHz+ stable due to the performance increase with the extra clock speed....I thought a SSD would be a good choice for gaming as it transmits data exponentially faster than a HDD...Also, which RAM would be a good choice in the DDR3 1600 range...Looking for silky smooth speed
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