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I am having a crossfire issue for some reason it won't work in crossfire. Here what is happening when I go into Catalyst 10.9 the second card shows but shortly after it shuts down it's still there but now power to it (so it appears) if I turn of crossfire then turn it back on it has power then after like 10 sec it shuts down again. It is not running in games as well. So here is what I have done. I am running windows 7 pro 64 raid 0 i7920 and 6 gigs of ram all at stock. I swap the cards and it still happened so I have a second system of the same set up and had same issue so its not a motherboard issue. I did a complete clean install of windows and same issue not sure what to do next any ideas.
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  1. What cards are they exactly and what power supply are you using?
  2. They are 5870 by sapphire and at thermaltake 850watt
  3. Are you sure the 2nd card is shutting down while you are playing games? How are you testing?

    You might not be aware, but when you are at the desktop or when in a low power state, CCC shuts down the 2nd card to conserve power. If you are alt-tabbing to test if the 2nd card is shutting down, it correctly shutdown the 2nd card.

    If you are in windowed mode to check the status, it will also shutdown, as CF doesn't not function while you are in windowed mode.
  4. I did and it is connected. No matter which card is second it does the same thing. I have even tried it on another board. It use to work
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