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Hello, i recently tried to install windows on a diff hdd when i booted up from discs i had a blank screen , now nothing happens no bios no run from cd i have a ssd alongside 2tb western ditgital on asus p8p67pro efi bios i tried reverse but no joy cannot boot up at all . windows was fine on the ssd but now nothing tried clear cmos run mem ok still nothing i have one red led on mb vga and no bios beep , :fou: :fou: be very greatfulll= if somone could give any other idea,s and i also tried reeboot bios with flash drive .....
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  1. If your main hardrive has a current windows installation that matches your asus motherboard, then disconnect the ssd. Download software from the main hardrive manufacturer, such as maxblast 5.0 which works with seagate or maxtor drives. Install the software and reboot. Check for a utility section with a "cloning" option. Connect the ssd while windows is running. If it's detected, windows may ask you to format it. I would skip this. Now try the new software for hardrives. See if it detects the ssd when you use the utility or cloning option. If it does, it should be able to clone your complete software from the main drive to the ssd. After cloning, maxblast shutdowns the system and I disconnect the main drive, leaving the ssd connnected. Then power up the ssd and see if it works. Then connect your main drive while windows is running. Windows will set up the main drive as a secondary drive, and you're done. And if the ssd ever fails, simply disconnect it and use the old drive as your boot device.
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