Intel chipsets and how Install?? help

Intel chipset drivers

how to install chipset drivers ?

windows xp cd, with integrated >>>> I do not believe him.

windows xp cd, with integrated >>>> do not believe at all

windows xp cd, with integrated >>>> wrong and unreasonable and illogical
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  1. You'll need the original motherboard cd with windows xp. If you don't have it, use a separate lan card with device driver and then get online and let windows search for your device drivers from the windows device manager. Select each device with a mark next to it one at a time and choose upgrade or change driver. You can also download the xp drivers off the board manufacturer's website.
  2. Intel chipset drivers >> very important

    other drivers >>> I do not want

    boot disk with chipset drivers >> how make install
  3. While online, go to Intel's website and select your Intel chipset driver package. I don't know which board you have, so I can't find it for you.
  4. my motherboard>>= i945G chipset....... No raid

    RAID: Intel Matrix Storage Manager >>945G have in

    Intel matrix storage manager,select and download
  5. NF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel® 6, 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets >> Download and install
    What change..What has changed>>> Not know
    Not know>>what has changed

    real problem >> chipset drivers blocked
  6. If you don't have it, try downloading all the xp security file updates. Also check windows device manager for conflicts. Any device with a mark next to it means the device driver for it did not load properly. Either use properties to update the device driver, or uninstall, reboot, and let windows search for a driver.
  7. very mix and amazing problems available..

    I have amazing problems

    1 -damaged partition table available
    I know partition wipe, and <<< boot and nuke dban cd>>> fail

    2- Where this partitions ?? /dev/sdd.../dev/sda..../dev/sdb..../dev/sdc
    /dev/sdc...vs crashes

    /dev/sdd.../dev/sda..../dev/sdb..../dev/sdc >> it can not find

    it can not find them>>> /dev/sdd.../dev/sda..../dev/sdb..../dev/sdc

    3- hard drive freeze and wipe,edit, fail
    what is the active ? cannot understand
    I know bootable anti virus cd's
  8. Any good hardrive software will format and size your drive partitions. I use maxblast 5.0, which works with seagate and maxtor drives. It will act as a boot device if you have the cd, which comes with retail boxed versions. It will not recover files.
  9. to try everything

    I have better bootable cd's

    I have amazing bootable cd's

    1- memtest86 cd (memory test cd)
    2 boot and nuke dban cd ( harddisk wipe
    3- seagate,seatools cd (hard drive test )
    4 ntfs reader for dos cd (No free)
    5- parted magic cd ( most better cd ) but,how use cannot understand

    now,Intel bootable cd find
  10. Next to try is a new hardrive.
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