Decision: si7 2600K VS i7 9XX

Alright, I have been researching for a few weeks now and want to build a decent computer, but do not have a clear answer yet as of which to choose. I have done this before in the past starting with 386´s up through Pentium 3´s, but have little experience with i7´s.

Budget is: $2000 - $2350 (Taxes included).

This computer will be used for work on Adobe CS5 and various CAD/Rendering programs, but should also play video games for a little R & R. I will also most likely overclock the machine.

Components that look promising so far are:

I would love 24 GB of ram @2000MHz which is possible with 9XX Tri-channel memory, but exorbitantly priced for 2600K CPU´s
9XX CPU: 24GB 6x4GB: ~$300 to $400

2600K CPU: 4x4G - 2x8GB(Kingston 1333 MHz) 16 GB or Dual Channel memory : ~$250 - $440

Video Card: nVidia GTX 570 or nVidia Quadra 2000: ~$380 - $430
(will most likely buy the brand of the motherboard, leaning toward EVGA)

WD Velociraptor 600 GB HD: ~$280

Power Supply: Acer 750W: ~$120

DVD RW ~$25

Need to decide on the case, and CPU cooler.

Mother Board depends on the chip I get. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have seen clock speeds of 4.9 GHz with the 2600K, but I would most likely top it at 4.5. I was also interested by the 970, but does not seem to match up very well to the lower priced overclocked 930. Also the 970 would require me to downgrade other components. I am open to hear opinions on all components as nothing is set in stone yet.

Thank you,
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  1. Definitely go with 2600K.It's faster,cooler and has less power consumption too.
  2. 980x or 990x would be a waste of money...i7 2600k would be your best bet...i have a i5 2500k and its very impressive for a budget cpu...
  3. Apparently the poster has never read a Sandy Bridge article or benchmark.

    Your on the right track (yes this site)
  4. Than you greatly appreciated.

    I have seen the benchmarks of the 2600K Vs the 950, but those were with both chips at normal clock speeds. I just wanted to make sure the 2600K would be better than an overclocked 930 or 970. I´ll pick up a 2600K, and a P67 motherboard.

    Thanks again,
  5. Oh and on another note the 970 has 6 cores which I thought would be taken advantage of by Adobe CS5 and CAD programs, which is why I was unsure of which CPU to pick.

  6. Have a look at this review (It compares 980x vs 2600k),2874.html
    6 core helps in tasks like PS/3D max but overall 2600k is faster and offers a better price/performance ratio
  7. Maziar thank you greatly. That sums it up the best. The performance difference was not 3X better compared to it being 3X more expensive. Thanks for removing all doubt. I actually did not see these benchmarks before. I´ll spend some of the difference on a good cooler, the Intel one for the 2600K looks a bit ¨fragile.¨

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