Im seeing lines in games!!!!!1 help

So i use a crt and got 3 lcds over time every lcd i have the same problem.... it happens on my crt but isnt as noticeable
when i play fps games and look left and right at a decent speed i see a bunch of lines... that go from left to right like 1 line on ramps and walls duno why my computer does this wanted to know how to fix

my computer specs are

asus m2n4-sli

1.5 gigs(ddr2)

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250gb

geforce g2s 250

cpu- amd dual core i believe 3.0 ghz
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  1. not a computer techy guy but gpu is graphics card right? if it was fried how would i be able to play the game at 100 fps and it doent really do it in other games besides counter strike like with the newer games it doesnt only counter strike but on my friends computer it doesnt do it at all o0
  2. I somehow think these 'lines' you are referring to is actually 'screen-tearing'. It happens when your videocard spews out more FPS (frames per second) than your monitor can cope with (factors are refresh-rate, and monitor response time). So its like while your monitor is halfway done drawing frame A, the gpu sends frame B, the monitor cancels drawing frame A and the unfinished image shift is what you see as a line. (this explains why you see the line when you turn/look quickly in CS and the like)

    Try going into the options of the games in question and enable 'v-sync'.. this will force your graphics card to match your monitor's refresh rate
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