9800 gtx pny helpp

everything is on stock and it idles at 65c its an 9800 gtx overclocked edition full load (gta4) i get to 82c and i get my pc to turn off also my card buzzez before it turns off i dont get any graphics glitches just buzz for seconds the shuts off

i used Rivatunner and put my gpu fan at 100% now idles 57c

i cleaned my whole computer already 2 fans

logysis 600w sli ready

phenom x4 945 3.0

2 crossair pc 5300

baraccuda 500 gb

windows 7 64
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  1. Could be your none Quality PSU trying to kill the card! The card can run up to 105°C. It is the PSU that is shutting down the computer. Just a matter of time that it will kill other components!
    There are two 600watt units from Logisys on newegg at the moment both SLI ready but each has only 25amps for the +12 volt rail. That is a rating for a sub 400watt PSU!
  2. well thanks im not using it right now thanks :D ill try to get a new psu what do you reccomend ? also its says its

    Model #: PS600A12
    Name: 600W 4 SATAs SLi Ready ATX Power Supply

    1 x 24-pin Mainboard (Approx. 500mm / 20inch)
    1 x 4-pin P4(Approx. 500mm / 20inch)
    2 x 6-pin PCI Express(Approx. 500mm / 20inch)
    4 x SATA (Approx. 500mm / 20inch)
    4 x 4-pin Molex (Approx. 500mm / 20inch)
    1 x 4-pin FDD(Approx. 500mm / 20inch)
    OV Protection: +3.3V, +5V, +12V
    OC Protection: +3.3V, +5V, +12V
    Standard: UL, ULC,CE, TUV
    Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 140mm (W x H x D)
    Window 7 compatible
  3. i think your idle temp is quite high. have you check your graphic card heatsink?
  4. yeah i tried changing it but load it goes up then it shuts off at 71
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