Dual 5970 or new 6900 series?


im the type that likes to have the latest and greatest..with tech..but it seems that having dual 4 gig 5970's is going to be faster than anything the 6 series is, with the exception of the top 6k series card...seems that the 6k series isnt going to blow away the 5k series..atleast not the 5870 and or 5970..
so is it wortth the upgrade for what appears, at this point to be no benefit.yet?
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  1. The HD5970 is already crossfire so two of them is essentially quad crossfire which really doesn't scale that well from what I've read. If the rumors are correct the HD6970 won't beat the HD5970 but it will be up there. Considering the improved scaling on the HD6000 cards in general and that it would be dual crossfire I would think two HD6970s will end up beating two HD5970s handily.
    What resolution are you running at anyway?
  2. jyjjy, edit message I'm gonna get a heart attack from laughing!
  3. Actually no. As dual HD6870s are only 20% behind dual HD5970s as-is, dual HD6900s will blow away dual HD5970s. Even when you factor in the Ares, which is essentially OCed 5970s with extra RAM, the gap will only widen to about 35% at 2560*1600.
  4. plznote said:
    jyjjy, edit message I'm gonna get a heart attack from laughing!

    What are you laughing at?
  5. jyjjy said:
    What are you laughing at?

    I think you messed up with the fives and sixes there. :pt1cable:
  6. lol
    ill just fix that
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