Please Help. How > Corsair H70 cooling system to socket 939???

Please help!! See my previous thread and answer posted here on Tom's below, which is no longer active so posting a new one: [...] eries-help

In short, i am in dire straights. For the life of me i cannot see how i am going to mount this Corsair H70, CPU liquid cooling SYSTEM to my SOCKET 939 Asus SLI PREMIUM mb. I only went ahead and purchased the thing , after getting a reply from another member virtually telling me " no probs at all". For the full story please go to the link above. If any one can advise me on how i can make it fit, please, please HELP!!
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  1. Sorry but I do not believe you will be able to fit the H70 on your old S939 platform.
    When AMD changed to the AM2 socket they updated their retention system to have 4 bolts as compared to 2 with S939.
    As you require a custom retention bracket for the H70, you will not be able to mount it.

    Probably a good time to start thinking about upgrading...
  2. thanks outlw669.
    I could really "let rip" with the bloke who led me up the bloody garden parth with his reply to the contrary!!! IF you read my original post i "specifically asked about socket 939's " . if any one knew if there was an adaption plate available for them. I have blown my money in that case on a beat bit of engineering that is unusable to me!! Unless some one knows of if and where i can get my hands on an adapter plate. Do you know , or have heard of any one? If so please let me know mate. I feel like letting out all the Aussie swear words and slang under the sun after this on the forum, but will not. I have written to the manufactures. I did so before the purchase asking if an adapter plate was available for 939's but got no reply. Foolishly i took this other blokes word for it. If i had a lathe and all the right gear im sure i could make one myself. But i am no longer in the workshop/ boiler-making environment. Disability pension now. I FELT IN MY OWN MIND IT WOULD HAVE TO HAVE A SPECIAL PLATE. As i already knew of the difference in the mounting brackets but had not actually seen what was included with the kit. Know feel like a bloody fool!!
    Thanks mate for your reply and pic's from some one who obviously knows what they are talking about.
    Cheers mate.
  3. Now SOLVED, Thank you.

    Still got no reply from Corsair. Used the stock standard heat sink plate that are on Asus 939 boards. Cut out circular section on both ends adjacent to where the 2 lock down screws screw onto the MB. Turn the heat sink plate upside down, ie: opposite to how it would normally be bolted down to the board. The plastic plate then catches about, 1/4, to 1/3 of the lugs on the cpu cooler. Used longer screws and pulled down firmly and equally a bit at a time. Alternating each one while tightening. As you would tension a cylinder head on a car motor. It has droped the CPU temperature by 5 degrees C. More importantly The low temps are more constant. The temp used to vary greatly depending on load of course. Now even under some heavy load like video reformatting, it no longer climbs nearly as much as it used to. Not the ideal set up but its working and has held all day. No wher near as much tension needs to be applied as compared to when you use a stock heatsink and fan, and pull over the lock down lever which attach to the 2 lugs. I will endeavor, to have a proper, aluminum, custom one made. Unfortunately, a bloke i knew who did a lot of aluminum engineering, large and small, seems to have flown the coupe! His phone numbers are disconnected.
  4. Good to hear you got it working.
    Enjoy the cooler system!
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