Phenom 955BE great but too Loud , help me Buy new Cooler

Hi guys
these are my System Specs

CPU:Phenom 955 BE 3.2Ghz
VGA:MSI 6870 Twinfrozr2 1GB
RAM:2x2GB DDR3 Supertalnet 1333Mhz
PSU:Green GP685B Gaming (50A,real,80+,SLi,CF)
Case: Green X3 .

Ok this SYSTEM DID Great , i realy Enjoied of Playing Crysis Maxed out (8x AA) with no LAg over 30Fps .

My Bigest Problem is the Noise of CPU , whne i power up the Computer , it Starts with a Little Bit Loud ! ( but not bad ) , but when i start the Game , Fan Starts making the Sound of Earth Quake !!!

Its geting too Loud , so I Decided to Buy new Cooler for my CPU , which WIll fit in my case & will have less Noise ( much Lower ) !
case is :

& the Coolers that i found are :

Which One will BE Great ? oh but away my problem is Noise & not Cooling , but if i can get Both by Buying one of these Coolers , then ...

WHich one will fit in my Case ? which one will reduce the Noise & overall , which one will be Great ?

Thanks alot ! If all are Great then Tell me ! :D
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  1. I'd go with the Tuniq Tower Extreme it's a very good cooler and quiet too.
    It will fit in the case no problem.
    No need to buy thermal paste the included paste Tuniq TX-3 is very high quality.
  2. OK so Tuniq Tower most Run SO COol & quiet right ? What about the Rest ?

    WOnt they fit easily ? wont they do better than Tuniq Tower ?

    Can you specify Best to Worst options ? i wanna Know what rest of Options can do ? is Tuniq Best or Not ?!?!
  3. Hey , the One you Suggested is Great AT Cooling but its Not SIlent !

    I dont Care how cool it i I need Silent Fan , my Phenom stock Fan is So louad i Need Silent One . SO Quiet !
  4. all fans make noise. It varies in how much noise they make and the Tuniq does fairly well> It even comes with a fan controller to let you adjust the fan speed, but remember fan speed = cooling power.
    If you want something more quiet than a fan then you need to look into water cooling.
  5. Hmm... well...

    The AM3 socket is fairly hard to find a good cooler for, just because of the proximity of the RAM to the CPU socket. I personally recommend the Thermalright MUX-120.

    If your motherboard is the GD70, then here's a suggestion to everyone else: PLEASE, do some research on clearances before you post something. I was looking for a good aftermarket fan for the same exact motherboard a couple months ago, and not a single one of the suggestions would fit with 4 filled DIMMs, which the OP will probably have one day. If you don't believe me, go look at some pictures and get measurements on the distance to the RAM slots. Just a heads up. :??:,2535-8.html
    Noise Level:,2535-15.html
    Thermal Results:,2535-14.html

    Long story short: The quietest cooler tested. Amazing cooling power for its size. The MUX-120 is my absolute favorite.
  6. How Expensive is it ? as expensive as Coolermaster 212+ , much more expensive , cheaper ?!?!!
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