Can i run a quad cpu or a good duel

i have a a8n32-sli.
i want to install a new cpu, a amd quad.
is it possible.
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  1. please i need help
  2. That board is socket 939 and they never produced quad's for it. The best cpu's they made for that were Athlon X2 4800+, FX60 and opteron 185 which all were dual core.
  3. I don't think socket 939 has a quad core, but what would be your goal? If you could save some money and put together a budget build you would get far more out of it then spending money on a much older system.
  4. YOu can get a motherboard that will run any Quad AMD for about $50.

    Check out 760G's if your on a budget. It also has onboard video if you need that.

    Make sure it has enough dimm slots and ide connectors for your needs.
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